Thursday, October 14, 2010

A little about the science of Ayurveda....

The word Ayurveda means "science of life"(ayur=life , veda=science,knowledge)
Among the purposes of this ancient science,the most important are:
                         -maintaining our bodies healthy by a correct lifestyle
                         -removing illness by strenghtening our immune system
According to Ayurveda,illness appears when our energies become disturbed-inside our body,and in interactions between human-human and human-nature.

To understand Ayurveda,one must know about the 5 elements that constitute life:Earth,Water,Fire,Air,Ether(=space)
Every element is atributed to the 5 senses that humans possess.

-Earth means stability,shape,mass.
   =>Associated sense it SMELL

-Water means fluidity.
   =>Associated sense is TASTE

-Fire means warmth.
   =>Associated sense is SIGHT

-Air means movement,expansion.
   =Associated sense is TOUCH

-Ether means the lack of al resistance.
   =>Associated sense is HEARING

That's all for now.Stay tuned to find out more:D.