Thursday, October 14, 2010

A little about the science of Ayurveda....

The word Ayurveda means "science of life"(ayur=life , veda=science,knowledge)
Among the purposes of this ancient science,the most important are:
                         -maintaining our bodies healthy by a correct lifestyle
                         -removing illness by strenghtening our immune system
According to Ayurveda,illness appears when our energies become disturbed-inside our body,and in interactions between human-human and human-nature.

To understand Ayurveda,one must know about the 5 elements that constitute life:Earth,Water,Fire,Air,Ether(=space)
Every element is atributed to the 5 senses that humans possess.

-Earth means stability,shape,mass.
   =>Associated sense it SMELL

-Water means fluidity.
   =>Associated sense is TASTE

-Fire means warmth.
   =>Associated sense is SIGHT

-Air means movement,expansion.
   =Associated sense is TOUCH

-Ether means the lack of al resistance.
   =>Associated sense is HEARING

That's all for now.Stay tuned to find out more:D.


  1. i'm not educated enough for this

  2. Western medicine is long due to pay a little attention to the rest of the world

  3. I've read that ayurvedic medicine is just as effective as homeopathy...

  4. great info.never thought of combining the elements with the senses

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  6. I need to switch from a computer major to scince to understand this